Welcome  future 

A new edition of this EUROTAS congress for new discoveries !!!

And as for all the previous editions, this gathering cannot exist without its volunteers... so thank you all very much for your future help.

We really want to take care of you and offer you a maximum compensation for your help. For now we know that we can offer you the pass to the gathering and the food. We need to know that you can plan your camping on site which would be around 12€ per night.

Of course, we are also counting on having enough volunteers and providing 4-5 hours of your precious support per day, so that we all have enough free time during the day to enjoy the event :)

We have created a form for you to fill in where you can specify your preferred job areas and most importantly - the languages you speak. Indeed, one of our biggest needs will be the translators for each workshop and conference. If you can translate professionally into English, French or Italian please specify in the form, we will need you!

We will also need to coordinate your arrivals and departures, so please put as much detail as possible about your needs in the form.

Please fill out the form HERE:

Team Decoration:

Staff: 3 volunteers
Job description : Installation, decoration, management of the space for conferences, workshops, healing area
Missions to accomplish :

- Gather various dry plants, flowers, plants, stones
- Decorate the spaces in an organic way - Create mandalas and pretty decorations
- Create the signage for the festival
Skills required: Creative, sensitive, motivated, team player

Image by Thanh Soledas

Set up / Dismantling:

Job description : Setting up of the gathering and its many facets and big cleaning at the end of the gathering to make the site even more beautiful than when we arrived.
Workforce : 8 volunteers
Missions to accomplish :
- Moving of all kinds (big, small, heavy, light...)
- Assembly and dismantling of various structures (tepee, yurt, dry toilets, barriers...)
- Setting up of signage
- Be available 2 days before and 2 days after the gathering (you will be free during the event)
- Driving of vehicles

- Respecting safety instructions will be essential and to do so, you are welcome to bring your safety equipment (gloves, safety shoes, glasses...)
Desired skills: Be in good physical condition, hold a driver's license (special permit would be a plus).


Technical team:

Description of the pole: Installation and responsible for the technical aspects
Staff : 3 volunteers
Missions to accomplish :
- Install sound system / computer / projector / make technical connections
- Sound engineer
Desired skills: No beginners accepted, Technical skills and experience required

Image by Diane Picchiottino

Information booth :

Description of the pole: To inform the participants about the activities of the gathering
Staff : 4 volunteers
Missions to accomplish :
- Put in connection the spectators, the speakers, the artists, etc...
- Inform the participants about what is present on the site of the gathering (various places represented on the map), about the artistic program of the gathering (book of presentation of the artists and programming), about the programming of the various spaces of the festival (free space, teepee animations, conferences...etc.) and all the proposed workshops, the healing space
- Update the carpooling booklet
Desired skills: Available, welcoming and interpersonal skills, factual and concise.

Image by Roman Kraft

Reception of the speakers

Job description: Welcome, drive and take care of the speakers
Staff : 4 volunteers (2 reception, 1 in driving and 1 in housing)
- Welcoming and orienting speakers, responding to their requests.
- Circulate information between speakers, volunteers, orga, etc.
- Help the speakers to carry their equipment.
- Help before and after interventions: be particularly vigilant
Desired skills: Welcoming, enjoy taking care of others, speak French and English well
(Italian and Spanish would be a plus), serious, punctual, reliable, flexible, autonomous
and resourceful

Image by Hans Veth


Job description : Organize and translate conferences and workshops
Staff : 10 volunteers minimum
- Create a schedule of translators for each intervention
- Translate simultaneously with headset during conferences
- Translate in consecutive during workshops
Desired skills t: Pro or quasi-pro translators as much as possible, who feel comfortable
speaking, in some cases, in front of 200 people, sociable and reliable.

Image by Irina Iacob


Job description: Transportation of speakers and participants
- Drive the participants from Montpellier or Ganges to the meeting
- answer their questions, make their request to the orgas.
- Take calls always have your phone during your shift. Smartphone or GPS with you.
- Management of the shuttles (Make the link between the requests and
the drivers)
- Keep the follow-up sheet of the trips up to date.
Skills needed: Good driver, organized and methodical, collaborative, retain and return
information, speak English well (Spanish and German would be a plus)
License + Vehicle (your trips will be paid for)

Image by Manh Phung


Job description : Responsible for the accommodation of participants and speakers
- Preparation of the rooms: Cleaning, installation of bed linen, inventory

- Collection and labeling of keys
- Make the entries and exits of the participants, explain the operation
- Cleaning between occupants
Desired skills: Well spoken English (Spanish and Italian would be a plus), retain and return information, Meticulous, Organized, Social fiber.

Image by Filip Baotić

Welcome Desk:

Job description : Reception and verification of tickets
Staff : 3 volunteers
Missions to accomplish :
- Register the participants
- Give a personalized label with the names and first names
Desired skills : Be welcoming, courteous, caring, punctual and available at the time. Be comfortable with basic use of excel.

Image by Eli Pluma

Children's tent :

Description of the pole: Reception of the children of the gathering
Missions to accomplish :
- Decorate and prepare the children's tent
- Prepare and create fun and educational activities for the children
- Ensure good communication with parents
Desired skills: Experience with children required, creative, motivated, sociable,
responsible and cheerful.