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On Monday, December 21st 2020, just hours after the arrival of the Winter Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn joined together in an astrological event known as a Great Conjunction, marking the dawning of a new cycle of collective transformation, one that humanity has never before experienced.

This astronomical/astrological event has inspired the theme for the upcoming EUROTAS Gathering – Transpersonal Renaissance.

The Great Conjunction took place in the sign of Aquarius - the archetype of innovation, humanitarianism, technology, and freedom - where the planets have not met since 1345. That time marked the beginning of the historical Renaissance (“rebirth” in French), a fervent period of cultural, artistic, technological, political, and economic “rebirth” following the Middle Ages. The renaissance was the fruit of increased interaction between different cultures, the rediscovery of ancient texts and a revival of interest in antiquity, artistic and technological innovations, and the impacts of conflict and death - sound familiar? 

Some of you may connect the theme with the psychedelic renaissance which is currently taking place in the fields of consciousness studies and mental health. It is undeniable that psychedelic research has played a significant role in the field of Transpersonal psychology. 

That being said, a psychedelic renaissance without a Transpersonal aperture is incomplete. Without Transpersonal tools, maps, and methods of integration, it can even be dangerous. In order to harness the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness, they need to be infused with the lineage of ancestral traditions which carry the technology for integrating wisdom in everyday life.

This brings us to the underlying thread for this gathering: Evolutionary Mycelium for an Ancient Future. 

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For those of you not familiar with the word Mycelium, it is the vegetative part of fungi, consisting of a network of fine white filaments (hyphae). The word mycelium literally means “more than one”. It is actually a plural form of the word Mycelia. 

To properly explain mycelium we have to get a little technical: Mushrooms do not reproduce by seed or gather energy by photosynthesis as plants do. They reproduce by means of spores which sporadically spread.

Even though the mycelium that lives in a relationship with tree and plant roots in the soil are invisible, they interconnect everything on land through a web of life.

tree roots.png

 Mycelium's vast structural network is responsible for creating topsoil, decomposing plant debris, at the same time providing nutrients to the plant and animal kingdoms.


In other words, mycelium is earth's life support system, one of the oldest organisms to live on earth (1 billion - 2.4 billion years old, predating plants) and as well the largest known organism.

To make it simple, Mycelium are the neurological network of nature similar to neurons in our brain or the network of the world wide web (www) – as mycologist Paul Stamets puts it, it's Earth’s natural Internet.

An underlying organic intelligence that provides nourishment and exchange of information to the whole ecosystem of organic life.

Nature’s cycle of life consists of growth, death and rebirth and the interconnected mycelial networks provide an invisible link that creates the conditions for this miracle of living and breathing life to thrive on Earth.

Since the beginning of time, human cultures have honored an interconnected web of life. Many Native American people share a belief that they emerged from the Earth. The Great Spirit is found in the mycelium, in the soil,  thus it also forms our bodies and who we are because we have emerged from the soil. Even the English word human is rooted in the latin word humus, which means soil. We are literally soil beings and fungi are the mycelial magicians that interconnect life in the soil and self-organize the decomposition system of the life cycle that recycles and regenerates organic life.

As the ancient Blackfoot Proverb profoundly observes, "Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way.”

We are thus called to catalyze the revival of ancestral evolutionary mycelium in the collective field because it is essential for building a regenerative future to live in harmony with natural law again. A symbolic death of humanity’s sick womb which perpetuated war, love of power and disconnection. A breath of nourishment brought forth from the living lineage wisdom traditions of our ancestors. A rebirth in a healthy loving womb rooted in essential human qualities which we catalyze in the collective field.

We have met in the past as EUROTAS to exchange about our work and share about our research in the Transpersonal Field. We came together as friends & community to delve into essential topics such as tools for evolution, being human in a world in transition, as well as transpersonal education & inner ecology. We have reflected and discussed, but now what?

Tu es une personne motivée de nature. Tu es sur Terre pour partager tes connaissances avec

Now it is time for impact. It is time to water the seeds which have been planted in the past with the medicine of the river Hérault (Occitan: Erau , Celtic: Araura). It is time to embody the knowledge we carry and to blossom it into all our relations through sacred activism grounded in heart.


We are calling upon a gathering of the Transpersonal community from all fields - therapists, psychologists, coaches, anthropologists, doctors, biologists, quantum physicians, dancers, artists, musicians, business people, herbalists, spiritual practitioners, healers, teachers, students, youth and elders, sacred activists - to connect and create a network of spores which will then spread throughout the globe to revive the evolutionary mycelium for an ancient future. 


Our Story

EUROTAS, previously the European Transpersonal Association, came into existence when a group of friends from different countries, practitioners and researchers in psychology, consciousness, and spirituality, decided to gather yearly to develop the field of transpersonal study. It was officially founded in 1984 during the first European Transpersonal Conference, in Brussels. The first EUROTAS meetings had been profound discussions that led to engaged actions in a family-like atmosphere. Since 2000 EUROTAS organizes a yearly congress to connect the Transpersonal community and support the integration of transpersonal values within modern society.


Today, EUROTAS is the Global Transpersonal Network, a meeting hub for all the transpersonal community worldwide. We currently have hundreds of members from more than 30 countries, professionals, and organizations which are certified by EUROTAS, and we hold a yearly international congress to gather the community and promote a transpersonal vision in therapy, education, research, culture, and society.


EUROTAS Vision statement: We envision EUROTAS as the mycelium web connecting and empowering the worldwide ecosystem of the transpersonal community for collective awakening.


EUROTAS Mission statement: We aim to create the Global Transpersonal Network to support and promote a transpersonal vision in therapy, education, research, culture, and society.

Let’s Co-create this Gathering Together

Our aim is to invite and gather authentic Indigenous lineage holders from different regions, pioneering Transpersonal keynote speakers, and quality Visionary artistic performances. There will be a vast diversity of conferences, workshops, a healing area, ceremonies, curative music & dancing, inner exploration, and collective celebration.

Submit a lecture, workshop, ceremony, event, exhibition!